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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Busy Busy Busy BEE

HI everyone,

Thought I post a quick post to stay I am still alive, just been busy looking at buying a new house and it has been taking alot of time and worry, as the real estate agent keeps playing hard ball with us.  You know telling us before put an offer on that they want one thing then when we give them an offer  they come back with "The vendor's dream price is.."  which ended up being 60,000 more than what we offered.

Stressful, but I will be getting back into cards soon.  I am looking at these gorgeous challenges and realising I am going to miss the cut of dates again.

Anyhow I will keep you post on the house situation and hopefully have more cards next week.  I am also waiting on the new release of Sweet November's Easter stamps.


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