Gecko Kisses

Saturday, May 15, 2010

We are moving!!

As I mentioned before we have just bought a house. We finally exchanged contracts and have a date on when we get the keys..... 23rd of June.

I am so excited. This will be mean I will not likely do any card since I have alot of work to do, until then. In the new house I will have a huge work area and I believe my best work will come out of it. If you saw the area I worked in now you would be shocked. I want to move in now but of we can't. I will have pictures soon....I promise.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

sc278 insipration case

I fell in love with this card by Neva, her colours are amazing and I love this stamp from TGF.

So I decided to use the same stamp and layout (sc278) and recreate the magic. I wanted to use all the colours she used as I love the blue and peach colours of the princess's dress. However I chose the DP Paper and it was very pink so I had to go with that.

I think I need to tone it down with either white or black dots what do you think?